Linking Settlement Funds to Community Needs


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The Public Health Trust (PHT) manages funds generated in litigation about public health issues, using the funds for public health programs in accordance with a litigation settlement agreement.
  • Communities benefit - because resources are put into programs and education, rather than protracted legal battles.

  • Plaintiffs benefit - because programs are implemented to remedy the cause of the complaint.

  • Defendants benefit - because quicker settlements mean fewer resources are put into litigation, and more are directed toward positive outcomes.

Guided by expert panels with specific knowledge regarding the issues raised in public health lawsuits, PHT ensures that the settlement goals of litigating parties are addressed.

PHT only receives funds from lawsuits that address harms to the community, and from suits in which a harmed individual cannot be easily identified, so its involvement in settlement fund distribution does not diminish funds that might otherwise be awarded to injured parties.


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